Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday's For Better or For Worse

It's interesting that Elizabeth is being painted as "good with kids" because she not only caves in to Francoise's begging and whining, but does so with such gusto that "ice cream" turns into "giant fudge and caramel sundae". After several years with Lizardbreath, I can imagine Francoise turning into such a pampered and spoiled child that, when she asks if she can learn to drive and Elizabeth doesn't immediately buy her a pink Hummer, she throws a temper tantrum that results in the former-Patterson being thrown down the stairs and Francoise spending a few years at juvie (or whatever Canadians call it... "jouvie"?).

For a moment there, I thought the speech balloon that says, 'What does "usurp" mean?' was coming from Anthony. That would explain his looking confused at Elizabeth, instead of fawning over her for taking Therese's place of overpowering him so swiftly.

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Cedar said...

I know, right? I hate Anthony, so I was excited at the possibility of him not knowing the meaning of a word. HAHA! Anthony's not so perfect and smart now, is he!?