Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Thursday's Momma

This has to be the most terrifying philosophical Mommas yet. We start with Francis and one of his dopey friends sitting right across from each other in the woods with Francis leaning back on a tree without a boundary reading a newspaper. Talk about your dopey activities.

Zoom in on panel two, where the left boundary of the tree Francis is leaning on is cut off, making him look like he's being flung through space, especially since he's two feet closer to Normy now. Normy's "Oh, yeh, oh, yeh!!" makes no sense in response to Francis's question since no one gets that excited about disliking making their bed fifteen years ago. I'm assuming that the reason for the zoom in is that Francis has slipped his hand into Normy's pants after he pulled down his fly. Thank goodness we didn't have to see Mell Lazarus's depiction of that.

But the panel three comes, and all this fun and round-about verbiage comes to a crashing halt with a reference to REAL-LIFE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION RELATED TO KIDS GOING TO CAMP. Normy's face shows his obvious disappointment as Francis moved back and took out his hand to deliver his message. Hell, I'd be there too if I weren't so worried about where Francis's hand had been.

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Anonymous said...

Hoshit, that is so unfunny and done in poor taste. The camp with the kids crap, not the hand in the pants thing.