Saturday, July 7, 2007

They'll Do It Every Time

I've never noticed the difference in magazines between the optometrist and the dentist. Is this common or just another Scaduto fantasy that optometrists have all the good magazines? And why are all the "good" magazines about golf and fishing?

On a related note, do you all remember that one Seinfeld episode where Jerry's dentist had porn magazines instead of the normal Time and NewsWeek? And then he thought that the dentist and the hygienist had sex in the exam room while he was knocked out.... I think someone should send that in to TDIET and see if they can get it published.

On another related note, I need to think of something really gay to send into TDIET or Plugger. Hmmmmmmm.... A plugger's buttplug is found in the produce section?

Or how about this: Livin' on the Edge: Catastra can't get hubby Lugbutt to teach her golf.... Oh, honey, golf is for men, it's my time away from home, why don't you find some women to do girly things with, patriarchal yak, yak, yak.... But then look who asks her for putting tips when she's left him for one of those women to do girly things with? Oh, YE-E-E-E-AH.... Wait, so am I looking at the hole or beyond it? Should I keep my knees bent? Etc., etc., etc. Am I missing something here?

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