Sunday, July 1, 2007

Last Sunday's Rex Morgan, M.D.

Well, well, well. It looks like Dr. Rex "I can't think to think up a fake name" Morgan's stupidity is going to make this whole plan fall through. Everything about this is screaming drunk drama, from Hugh not pointing his mouth in the direction of the people he's talking with in panel four making it seem like he's accusing the wall of a conspiracy to June's "I'm gonna fuck you up" anger in panel three, from Hugh's dizziness and quick trip to Nausea-Land in panel six to Heather turning on the waterworks apropos nothing in panel 7. This is going to be some fun that can only end with them all crying about how they hurt each other, either staying awake to sober up or just passing out and dealing with it in the morning.

Actually, I wonder about Heather's drunkeness here. She did start crying at the perfect moment to distract Hugh, although it's not like she can get off the hook forever. Like they say, "Hell hath no wrath like a spoiled, English son of a millionaire scorned by his nanny-cum-stepmother," or something like that.

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