Saturday, July 7, 2007

Caught up!

I can revel in the next two hours of caught-upness here. I can now go and read Josh's blog for the first time in two weeks (I still have that rule that doesn't let me read his blog until I'm caught up here).

I've been behind because of the work I've been doing over at The Bilerico Project to get that whole thing together. The official relaunch is in two days. AK!

I don't usually do much meta here, but I do want to tell you all how much your comments crack me up. Seriously, it's good to know what the people reading this are thinking and to read your jokes and to get e-cards from readers and stuff - it totally brightens up my day. Political blogging can bring on a lot of hate at times, and I'm finding that humor blogging is a whole lot more fun.

Oh well. Since I normally don't talk about myself all that much, I thought I'd also pass along this link to my contributor page with my bio and pic over at The Bilerico Project, just in case you wanted to know a little more about me. Can you tell I cut my own hair for that pic? Ha ha!


Alan Vanneman said...


Andrea said...

I think your haircut looks fine ... although I hope you've grown it out a bit.:D

Anyways, have you seen this?

The cartoonist behind Sally Forth has included some "unemployed Ted dialogue" bits that you'll never see in the paper, and I think you'd like some of them. Funny stuff.

A said...

I miss your comics commentary :( Even though I never comment. Mostly because I only just realized I could without a blogger account.