Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tuesday's Archie

Tuesday's Archie provides an interesting snapshot of high school life. Here you have two students, who are fortunately following every stereotype necessary to show which is the more intelligent (size, glasses, collar, awesome lightning bolt T-shirt), discussing the ins and outs of genetics. The more intelligent one, apropos nothing that I can dream up, asks Moose if he knows a very basic genetics fact scientifically demonstrated in the nineteenth century. An elderly teacher looks on approvingly.

Jump to panel two, where we find out that in the time in between Dilton's comment and Moose's response a lamp descended from the ceiling and the two turned around. This reveals that only half of the room that they're in has been constructed, decorated, and furnished; the other half is a yawning, white abyss. Moose did not understand Dilton's question because of a homophone of one of the key words in it and responds by gesturing to his crotch portruding from his tight, tight pants. Dilton is shocked to remember that there is another word that is pronounced like "genes". Maybe he will realize that asking such a question with no context at all may lead to confusion, maybe he will not. The elderly teacher found a sundae and is carrying it away.

Fortunately, this vignette into modern teens' lives comes with a very original joke.

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Patrick said...

Just for the record, that isn't a teacher. That's Pops. He runs the ice cream shop, the Archie gang's hang out.

Why they're discussing genetics there, is still a good question.