Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thursday's Tumbleweeds

I don't usually post on Tumbleweeds because I don't know what to make of it. Often I'll just skip it in my comics reader because it never makes any sense and is often borderline racist.

I don't get this joke. OK, the woman thought she was going to die and the guy thought he was going to get some pussy from the meteorite? Did the man make a wish on the "shooting star" that he wouldn't die and then he didn't, and the joke's that it was obvious that she made the same wish? Or is it that THUD! is the sound the writer thinks male orgasms make, and "Mine cum" is a reference to that?


SecretMargo said...

I can't tell if you actually don't understand the joke or not, but JUST IN CASE -- the joke is that his wish was for the Gurl Injun to jump into his arms, and he got what he wished for.

Too heteronormative for you?

(as a side note: I cannot believe this cartoon is still syndicated anywhere at all. I mean, "Crock" is racist and unfunny too, but at least its situation is so removed from most Americans' frame of reference that it usually just comes off as cryptic. And at least none of its characters speak in "injun pidgin." Blecccch.)

(Can you tell I'm used to posting at Comics Curmudgeon? No cartoon too obscure! No comment too long! Forgive me.)

Alkibiades said...

Except the Old Dude Injun actually jumped into the Gurl Injun's arms.

Hmm, maybe I'll try that when I get home: just jump on my wife and say "Mine cum true!"

SecretMargo said...

Dammit, you're right.

I still think it's about wanting to hug the girl, though. He wished for a pretext?

I like to wait for an apocalyptic starfall to make my first move, too. Is this why I'm still single?

Alex Blaze said...

Secretmargo - I understand the direction of the "joke" (if you can really call it that), but there was enough ambiguity in the language and drawing to make me think that it was fair game.

No, no, wait, what actually happened was I saw the word "cum" and I wanted to include it here without just saying, "HAHA! CUM!"

That's the creative process, lol.

rogermwilcox said...

I don't think the strip's author had enough wit to think of the he's-attracted-to-her angle.

I'm betting the joke is just that he wished the falling star wouldn't hit him. And it didn't. So his wish "cum" true.