Sunday, June 3, 2007

Thursday's Buckles

Short answer: Because it won't give them diarrhea.

Long answer: Because it won't give them diarrhea.


Kaitlyn said...

Or kill them.

Though two of our dogs ate chocolate one year, and they didn't die. (They were inside, we were gone, the cocker spaniel got on the dining table and shared the bounty.

Alex Blaze said...

Gosh, I was thinking that was like chips or something. I give to my dog and I'm standing outside with him for an hour waiting for him to finally finish spilling the contents of his bowels so I can be sure he won't mess up the carpet.

Wow, that's a gross image, but then again I have to live with it.

Yeah, my dog once stole a whole box of chocolates, but didn't die. I dont know about that whole chocolate thing.

Kaitlyn said...

Chips - hmm. We give them popcorn and the occaisonal tortilla chip, but a potato chip, all greasy - you clean it up.

Mikey ate one of Becky's hot Cheetos and threw up on her bed. That was awesome.

Kaitlyn said...

And about the chocolate thing - it's really baking chocolate4 that's the killer, they can't handle chocolate cake.

Or grapes.

rogermwilcox said...

This comic read like a thinly-veiled admonition against eating unhealthy food.

Sorry, Buckles, but I don't take diet advice from dogs.