Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday's Mark Trail

I'm interested in Sam Hill's panel two comment: "Yes, I fly for both business and pleasure! I enjoy being in the sky!" One might say that it's the sort of thing that no one would ever actually say, but as someone who went to another country with no ability to speak their language and taught himself through books he bought there, there were definitely times when I knew that I sounded just like Sam Hill here. I knew that, while I was getting my point across, I was still using really simple sentences and sounded like a moron on a language tape.

Like this one time I went to an art exhibit way out in the country in Brittany, and I met one of the artists, and what I said literally translated as "I like your pictures. I like art. I'm going to Paris next week. I will go to the Louvre." The dude just looked at me and went to go talk to someone else. Just walked away.

So maybe that's the problem with the dialogue here.

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rogermwilcox said...

Sam is TOTALLY coming on to Mark here. But alas, Mark is only attracted to wildlife.