Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday's Dennis the Menace

Could we get any more Eve/Mary here? We all know that the subtext of the relationship between Margaret and Dennis is that she's an uppity woman trying to bring down the relaxed, cool, "chill", if you will, white man, and he constantly thwarts her using his privilege-induced nonchalance as his only defense. Like, fine, we'll deal with that. But does Dennis have to bring in another woman, better drawn than any of the other DtM characters, just to be a comparison for Margaret?

I do hope that we see more Sammi - Sammi a la Sam Hill, getting a piloting license, draining swamps, teaching pseudojournalists about birds at airports. A newer, more kick-ass character lifted from the comparatively hip Mark Trail is just what this single panel needs to stay relevent.

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Alkibiades said...

Sammi? She looks like a total baby dyke, and has the name to match...