Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mary Worth

I've been holding off on saying that Mary is hitting on Vera because the idea of Mary having a sex drive is so gross to me, but it's getting harder and harder to ignore. (And I really shouldn't; that sort of thing is this blog's bread and butter.) The Worthster's panel one comment sounds like something that I'd hear from a guy twice three times my age in a sex chat room when I'm trying to blow him off, and considering Mary's trying to get someone young enough to be her daughter to go to a pool party with her, I'm going to have to finally say that I think she's trying to get her paws into Vera's lavender pantsuit.

I feel so dirty.


James J. Matthews said...

Is Vera flirting too? Note how she displayed to Mary her index finger the day before. "My nails are clean like yours."

Kaitlyn said...

Her eyes are sooooooo creepy!

Vera's, I mean. She looks brain dead, like a zombie, or like she's on some heavy duty meds - Valium, pain pills, whatever.