Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I said I'd put something up

Sorry, I haven't even read the comics since last Thursday, to give you an idea of what's been going on at this end. Bilerico's all coming together and I'm spending so much time working with other people there that even my posting over there has been slow. So instead I'll just share this funny little story of mine.

A few years back, back when I was 19 and dating a guy, D, who was 20, we both went to a neighborhood of a nearby city for dinner. On the way out of that neighborhood on the way back home, D got pulled over (he was driving without his headlights on after dark). "Oh, shit," D said.

So the officer approached and made D do the counting backwards while touching his fingers together thing and wrote him up a warning for the headlights. D was shaking, and I was laughing at this point because it was funny and D hadn't been drinking so there really wasn't a problem. I asked him what the matter was, and he said he was just glad he didn't bring his fake ID along. I agreed, since then he could have been in real trouble.

"But," I said, "that's not really an issue since you didn't bring it along or accidentally give it to the officer or anything." He normally brought along his fake ID and drank at places, and I was underage as well but didn't do things like that. It bothered me.

Well, he said that he was scared that he'd have to get out of the car to walk in a straight line.

"Why? You didn't drink at all," I said.

"Yeah, but when the police officer came up to the car, my pants were still undone."

OK, goodnight, folks. I will have the comics up to Sunday posted tomorrow, even if it kills me.

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