Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday's Mark Trail

Y'know, I'm not a biologist who's built a career out of studying the habits of birds, nor am I a nature photojournalist/kick-ass protector of wildlife, but I do think that I know a thing or two about nature. For example, I know that ducks tend to stay close to water when they're on the ground. So if I were to see them at an airport where the nearby wetlands had been drained in a misguided attempt to protect the environment, I might think that someone put them there, perhaps a professional duck trainer (if such a profession exists outside the Mark-Trail-iverse). I may even begin to wonder if it had anything to do with those guys who were trying to get that very airport deemed unsafe so that they could develop another at the taxpayers' expense. But I'm going to guess that solving this mystery will have less to do with knowledge of nature and more to do with finding an eyehook and making wild speculations. And if there's one thing I know about the Mark-Trail-iverse, it's that WILD SPECULATIONS ARE ALWAYS TRUE.

Panel two is rather unsettling. Sure, having shards of glass blast into Sam the Sexy Biologist's eyes because a duck flew through a window is great entertainment for the kids, but wouldn't it be more appropriate to fall back on Mark Trail convention here and zoom out to a giant wombat or something while she relates what will surely be a key clue in solving the Mystery of the Airport Ducks?

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