Thursday, May 10, 2007

They'll Do It Every Time recaption

Living on the edge: Rotunda's empty life and loveless marriage mean she can't keep her hands off the food...

But then remind her of her own mortality and just watch the anorexia set in... Oh, yeah!


乱七八糟 said...

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Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ryan said...

I wasn't sure if you discouraged comments or not.

I just wanted to say, I love what you're doing. It's part of my day that really makes a difference. I should probably be taking my anti-depressants for that, but I really haven't had to thanks in part to this blog.

I just wish my own was as good, or was updated as often.

Oh, and if you are going to ever write me back. Use admin (at)

Alex Blaze said...

I'll just write you back right here!

Thanks for the props. I'll try to keep this blog up. And if I wanted to discourage comments, I'd just turn them off! But I like hearing what you all think.

Sam said...

Also, apparently the whole point of HS reunions is to make everyone who didn't sleep with you in HS regret it, or something. Or maybe have awkward but ultimately fulfilling sexual encounters with people you haven't thought about in decades? Something about sleeping with people you used to know, at least, if the movies are right. And they always are. Therefore, our architecturally-appellated heroine needs to get down to fighting weight so she can meet someone who treats her right and doesn't wear sweater-vests to dinner.