Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sunday's Slylock Fox

Or the terror in her eyes. There's that too. And the criminal element hanging out back there.

I also like the storyline here. Apparently a bear and a coyote were able to subdue a really big dog and get a cat under their control, I'm guessing with threats of extreme violence (maybe a gun?). But they see a fox and a mouse, suddenly panic, and decide to play it cool. Why not just take Slylock and Max hostage? It'd be a lot safer than trusting their plan to the inability of a fox to read. Oh, wait.... no.

Of course, Slylock probably just would have said, "Gee, I didn't want my cake to say 'robbery', lady. I wanted it to say 'Happy-AAAAAAGH!"

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James J. Matthews said...

I like to put "Happy--AAAAAAAGH!" on MY birthday cakes.