Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Family Circus

OK, who put that shirt on PJ?

Dolly's statement and facial expression indicates that it wasn't her, and I'll buy that. Bil probably wouldn't put one of his shirts his household's main source of vomit (next to Barfy), so he's out. Thelma, I imagine, would be above such jokes. PJ is far too small to reach the shirt and seems far to unhappy with the result.

So we're left with Billy and Jeffy. My money's on Jeffy. First, Billy actually has a life (school, friends, kiddy league baseball). Second, Jeffy's the only one with a motive. Considering that he's in love with his father, and the object of his affection is beyond reach, we can only guess what sort of sick games he had in mind for PJ.

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