Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dennis the Menace, throwaway panels

Dennis Mitchell seems to just love that expression. Actually, I think that someone about a month or two ago used it around Hank Ketchum, he thought it was funny, and now we have to read it over and over until he gets it out of his head.

Either way, it's about 75% as gay when said to a girl than when said to a boy. That's still pretty darn gay.


Garnet Jell-o said...

I would have thought that Gina wouldn't be a fan of the whole "ladies first" concept. I always took her to be a feminist of somesort. I was thinking that that dialogue would have made more sense with Maragret, but then again, she'd probably think that baseball is stupid and girls don't play it unless they want to annoy little boys. Maybe I'm over-analyzing...

Then again, maybe Gina's one of those fake-me-out feminist types and I'm just now getting that. Geesh, it's been ages since I've read the funny pages regularly.

Anyway, I think Hank Ketchum has been dead for years...but then again, maybe that's somehow something to be said for that expression.

Sam said...

I think that "age before beauty," when directed towards a woman implies that the male speaker considers himself more beautiful than a member of the "fairer" sex. It might actually be more gay in that context (subverting the gender binary, &c, &c.)