Wednesday, May 2, 2007


This Crock raises a few interesting questions:
  1. Why is Grossie marching in the middle of a vast desert?
  2. Why are signs illegal?
  3. Why's that guy missing an arm in panel two?
  4. Where did that whip go that was in panel one? Did the guy drop it with his arm?
  5. How can we see Grossie's mouth through her burka?
  6. How did that sign get invisible chocolate on it?
  7. Why is Grossie looking at me in panel three?
  8. Why, why, why do I still read Crock?


Kaitlyn said...

That's her mouth?

I thought it was a bowtie on a guy - I don't follow Crock, except when it's mentioned here or at the Comics Curmudgeon.

You learn something new every day and this was mine for the day sadly.

Alex Blaze said...

LOL, kaitlyn.

And no person should have to follow Crock. I just suffer for my work here.