Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome to Qomics for Queers!

Welcome to this new corner of the blogosphere. This blog is here since I read the comics every day without much representation of anything besides heterosexuality or asexuality (implied heterosexuality). For some reason, the comics pages are stuck in a 1940's mentality on representing queerness, except for political comic strips like Doonesbury or Mallard Fillmore, small, queasy representation like For Better or for Worse, or bizarre representation like 9 Chickweed Lane. So in order to make up for that, I make my own context up.

I've been doing this over at Q-Bomb and Bilerico for a few months now, and I just rebroadcast everything over to here. But I'm setting up this separate space for three reasons:
  1. I like having a nice, clean archive for all of this,
  2. I want to do it throughout the week in small posts instead of one large Sunday post, which is how it'll still appear on Bilerico,
  3. I'm probably going to post comics stuff up here that isn't related to comics-outing specifically.
The whole point of this will be to have a little fun. Everything below this post is re-broadcast from Q-Bomb, so you can read through those. I'll have this week's comics up in a little bit.


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