Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday's Momma

I'm a bit worried about the theo-philosophical implications of Momma's musings in panel one. If she came back as one of her children, would they have to be empty vessels waiting for a soul? Or could two souls occupy the same body? Or would she have to be pregnant with another child and die at the exact moment that she has that new kid? And I thought Momma hated her kids, and that was the whole schtick of Momma?

I'm thinking that her son makes a valid point, in the way one of his disciples would ask a question to Socrates. Be prepared for Momma to ask her children a bunch of questions next week to make her deeper philosophical point. Because that's what Momma's known for: depth.

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asclepius said...

Duh! Her reincarnated soul travels BACK in TIME and enters the womb of her previous life. Everyone knows that's how babies are made!

The real question is, what horrible thing has Momma done that she believes she deserves such a miserable fate?