Friday, April 27, 2007

Rex Morgan, M.D

Well, we see where Rex's values are here. Will he stall Hugh Avery to help his friend Heather? No, business before friendship. Will he stall Hugh Avery to increase the value of his stock portofolio? No, morals before business. Will he stall Hugh Avery because Hugh confused Rex with the help? Yes, pettiness before morals.

This might all be a metaphor for GLAAD. They didn't release a statement about Don Imus until after CBS fired him (which would have been good for "friendship" with other civil rights and anti-defamation groups), see no reason why they should allow actual gay programming to be eligible for the GLAAD Media Awards (which would be good for queer business), didn't feel the need to stand up for our Black queer brothers and sisters for years when Shirley Q. Liquor was running around in blackface (which is just what it morally should be doing since it's about accurate and fair representation of gays and lesbians, and last time I checked some Black people are also gay and lesbian), but if Isaiah Washington says the word "faggot" in an off-stage conversation, off with his head! (Yeah, I just made a new rule for myself for this blog: no political rants. They can be simultaneously alienating and constructive, but I think I'm just going to take the humor blog route and keep it off here to a reasonable extent. But Rex is still childish, and I wouldn't like him any other way.)


Cedar said...

I'm glad you started a regularly updated blog on this topic. Thanks for getting so many posts out so quickly!

Andrea said...

You're absolutely right about GLAAD. Bravo for saying it.