Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mark Trail

Oh, man, I was right! Not only are they fighting, they're carrying on a conversation while doing so! Not like Dick Tracy, which stops the speech bubbles during a fight scene, Mark Trail doesn't skip a beat.

Now what sort of "deal" will Dan strike with Mark? I've read a few Nifty stories that started this way....

Update: I make it a point not to visit Josh's site before I've read the comics and posted here what I wanted to, to maintain some sort of creative purity (don't ask me, I don't understand). Even though he makes fun of the comics and I out the comics, there might be a day when that straight boy can pick up on the subtleties of queerness embedded in comics and make a blow job joke to go with it, and I want to at least know that I caught it myself.

So I just read his take on the climax of Mark Trail's insurance fraud storyline, and I have to give him some link love. Here's a bit:
It is of course laughable that Dan would skulk around a hotel wearing a cheap wig and fake beard when he could have simply purchased hair dye and grown real facial hair (Dan, did you know that if you stop shaving hair will grow right out of your cheeks?). Another wonderful possibility is that Dan did in fact dye his hair and grow a beard but Mark’s fists are so powerful that they are capable of punching the lies and deceit right off of Dan’s face.

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