Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gil Thorp

Here we see Tyler Jay at the only three angles that Frank McLaughlin can draw: the Zordon floating head in panel one, suave Superman close-up in panel two, and 11-year-old neighbor boy in panel three.

Apparently he thinks he's cured, but enquiring minds need to know: from what??? We know he's a little messed up, but we never really got an explanation as to what kind of messed up. He had a great session with his therapist - what did they discuss? Why can't he play baseball? What's wrong???

This is probably working on a metaphysical plane way above my head. "You've barely started, Tyler Jay, transcending space-time to become one with the baseball. You bashed open your head, and now you must drink this tea to begin your spirit-journey."

Hold up, what is Tyler doing at coach Thorp's house?

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