Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dennis the Menace

Man, oh, man. This panel just begs the question: What's taking Alice so long in the bath that her son has to go find another one, one that's currently ocupado? Unless Dennis has a 24/7 need to play with his toyboat, which I wouldn't believe since I don't remember seeing him play with it even once before, he could just wait what would be at most half an hour before she got out. Isn't there something good on TV, Dennis?

What's happened here is a larger abdication of parenting responsibilities than Ketcham let's on. I don't know too many kids at age 5 who have free run of the neighborhood without even a parent knowing about it. So something's taking Alice's mind completely off Dennis.

Now while putting throwing in some salts and putting on some Kenny G is pretty relaxing in the bath, we know this isn't the case. The bath-water would get cold before even Dennis's attention span would cause him to flee his house and go off to the old man next door's bath, which for some reason is unlocked. There's really only one thing that can take that long in a bath, especially for a woman.... She has one child, a boring husband, and not much else on her plate. Who can really blame her for escaping a little with some erotic fantasy (let's say, for the purposes of this blog, that it's lesbian erotic fantasy)? With all the images of hot, hot lesbian action floating in her mind, she lost track of the time and gave Dennis a dismissive am-scray. And more power to the stay-at-home mother of a perpetually pre-school-age boy.

And really, I can't see anything else that's gay in this comic.

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